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I have hired John 4 times and had nothing but outstanding representation. I recommend him to anyone who needs a true lawyer.


I recently found myself in bad legal trouble. I picked up a “DUI and a wreckless driving all within two months. On the DUI my BAC was three times the legal limit and on my wreckless I was clocked doing 109/60!!! Natrually, I knew I was facing hefty fines and at Min. 10-15 days of active jail time. I retained Attorney Naumovski and this guy worked TWO miracles.. My DUI was reduced to wreckless driving , my speeding ticket was minimized to defective equipment .. Thls attorney is a one off the BEST I have ever dealt with. John takes great pride In getting his clients the best results. If you find yourself facing any legal issues please PLEASE give John a call, you will NOT regret it…

C. J.

Mr. Naumovski is VERY good at what he does.


I had a DUI plus a Refusal… I thought I was getting locked up but John Naumovski came in with the clutch and never gave up on this case, he easy to talk to plus he made sure I understand what he was sayin bout this case… Moral to the story is john and the ca came to a Decision on reducing my case with Wreckless Driving & 6 months suspended license"

N. M.

Mr. Naumovski was very professional and knowledgeable of the law. I am very happy that i retained him with his guidance and help i was able to get the best possible outcome from my case. If i ever need an attorney down the road no need to look i already know who i will be calling. Thank you again.


Kind, quick to act, highly respectful to you and the court has high respects for Mr. Naumovski. Very satisfied with the results of my case and would recommend to friends and family if needed.


This Attorney always kept me well informed and up to date on my case. Sent me a list of what i needed even a Sunday Morning conference call. He could not have been better . My case charges dropped no fines . Thank you so very much .


My experience with Mr. John Naumovski was extremely pleasant and he was very professional and courteous. He always kept in touch with me via e-mail, text, and phone in regards to the updates and status of my case. He went out of way to meet with me whenever I need to get clarification on legal terms. My attorney represented as a person and not a dollar amount. He explains all possible outcomes and options he could foresee me and did extensive research so that I never had any surprises. Not only was the representation professional and organized it was cost effective. Overall, I was more than pleased with having Mr. Naumovski as my attorney. I would be more than happy to refer to anyone who needs legal assistance without a second thought. My rating: 5/5


Wow!! Words really can’t explain how good he is!! One of the best lawyers in 757!!


Very helpful in achieving favorable outcome in traffic case!

A. S.

Took the time to answer all my questions and provide advice


Very kind, respectful, and knowledgeable! Also, easy to contact with any questions! Helped me a great deal with my case :)


Mr. Naumovski is an excellent attorney. He was very responsive and methodical. He is very knowledgable and answered all my questions. I am very happy with his service and would recommend him to others


Mr. Naumovski is an excellent attorney. He is thorough, compassionate, and very knowledgeable.


John was thorough and polite concerning the legal challenges we faced.


KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!! DUI DISMISSED I hired attorney John Naumovski to represent me when I got pulled over and charged with a DUI. It was my first time getting charged with anything (never even got a speeding ticket before). I didn't know what to do or what to expect other then feeling like I am screwed. After asking around for the best DUI lawyer, I was directed to John. He prepared me for every outcome and was honest about the strengths of the prosecutor's case. I knew the chances of being convicted were likely, but Mr. Naumovski was able to make the officers look inexperienced and raise questions about their testimony and poke many holes in their evidence. At the end, it was apparent that the judge was feed up with the officers and dismissed the charge. Definitely recommend him if you are facing a DUI.


Right Lawyer, Right Price I got a DWI charge and like most people looked to hire a lawyer. I knew a private lawyer would be expensive but a couple DUI lawyers were quoting me $5,000 for a first time offense! I am glad I decided to call attorney John Naumovski. He seemed genuine in our conversation and very knowledgeable and experienced. And he took the effort to explain all these legal terms and procedure in an easy to understand way. After reading about him on the internet and speaking to him, I knew I wanted him to represent me and I was dreading how I would come up with $5,000, but when I asked him how much he would charge it was substantially below what some less friendly and less experienced lawyers charge. I am happy that John represented me and he was able to get the best outcome in my case and that he didn't charge an arm and a leg to hire him. I highly recommend John.


Life saver I had hired John when I was facing serious criminal charges. After my arrest I had to spend a night in jail which was terrifying. After I got out, I researched lawyers in the area and knowing that my fate was on the line, I decided to hire John. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is very knowledgeable and highly respected. He helped me throughout my ordeal and I was able to avoid any further jail time.


was charged with a DUI where I blew a .15. This was a real concern because conviction with a .15 would mean mandatory jail time of 5 days, however, attorney Naumovski was able to raise an issue with the calibration of the Breathalyzer and I was able to avoid 5 days of jail. He was also able to minimize the court fine. Out of all the dui lawyers, hands down he is the best.


John Naumovski -- The DUI Slayer!! I had gotten into an accident and was charged with a DUI. At the scene I blew a .19 BAC. Even with those bleak facts, John was able to get that bad boy dropped to reckless driving. I recommend this knight if you have a DUI to slay!!!


DUIs-- he did right by me In the span of a few months, I got two DUIs. I had hired attorney Naumovski for the first DUI and when I got the second DUI I hired him for that one as well. With 2 DUIs pending and related charges, the judge in the 2nd DUI wanted to put me in jail and throw away the key, but John was able to get me out on bond. With multiple charges against me, I was scared that the judges would throw the book at me, but John did not let that happen and got me better outcomes than I could ever hope for. It felt like walking through a mine field, but John was able to work the system in my favor and guided me to the other side. Highly recommend him.


THE BEST IN THE GAME I had a DWI, 2nd offense in Virginia Beach. I was facing some serious jail time for a 2nd offense, but Mr. Naumovski was able to get the charge dropped. It was a long and complicated case and I am grateful that Mt. Naumovski continued to advocate for me throughout the entire process. I am so happy! I highly recommend hiring him for DUIs.


Excellent DWI Lawyer, A+++ I hired attorney Naumovski because I got charged with a DWI. Before hiring him, I had spoken to several lawyers but none of them knew as much about DWIs as compared to Mr. Naumovski. His vast experience showed in the courtroom and he was able to get my DWI dismissed! Thank you so much Mr. Naumovski, and i definitely would recommend anyone to you!


I hired Attorney John Naumovski for a 3rd DUI offense within 5 years. I thought my situation was pretty bad and facts did not look good. I was looking at a 3rd DUI conviction that would have been a FELONY and minimum 6 months in prison. He knows the DUI laws inside out and was able to get the charge REDUCED from a FELONY DUI to a lesser charge and I avoided the mandatory minimum of 6 months. I highly, highly recommend him if you been charged with a DUI and need the best!


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