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Last Updated July 9, 2024

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The Firm has successfully represented 1000s of clients over 17 years against various Misdemeanor and select Felonies.


Misdemeanors Routinely Handled by Attorney Naumovski:

Drunk in Public

Underage Possession/Consumption by someone under 21

Hit and Run

Petit Larceny which includes Shoplifting


Possession of Drugs that are charged as a misdemeanor

Destruction of Property


Grand Larceny, specific to non-conspiracy shoplifting

Destruction of Property

Felony Hit and Run


Meet John Naumovski

Recognized by Multiple Attorney-Run Organizations as Top 10 Criminals Defense Attorney in Virginia

Defended 1,000s of Prior Criminal Cases

17 years plus of Trial Courtroom Experience

2005 Graduate from a Top Ten National Law School (University of Virginia)

Client Reviews

I have hired John 4 times and had nothing but outstanding representation. I recommend him to anyone who needs a true lawyer.


I recently found myself in bad legal trouble. I picked up a “DUI and a wreckless driving all within two months. On the DUI my BAC was three times the legal limit and on my wreckless I was clocked doing...

C. J.

I had a DUI plus a Refusal… I thought I was getting locked up but John Naumovski came in with the clutch and never gave up on this case, he easy to talk to plus he made sure I understand what he was sayin bout this case…...

N. M.

Mr. Naumovski is VERY good at what he does.


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