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Chesapeake DUI Defense

Weaving in a lane, speeding, making a wide turn, or pretty much any other isolated driving behavior during the day time, may become suspect at night and as a result you may be pulled over by a Virginia State Trooper or by local law enforcement.   If you happen to be drinking (whether one beer or many drinks) or appear under influence of drugs, you inevitable will be asked to step out of your vehicle.   At which point, your ability to control events diminishes rapidly.  You will be required to do field sobriety tests, a preliminary breath test and provide a breath or blood test at the station.  Your refusal to submit to any of these, at a minimum will result in being arrested and normally results in further charges.

However,  the one thing you can control, right now, is who will represent you in court.   There are many options when it comes to attorneys, but only one right choice.   Preference should be placed on a DWI attorney who is a constant presence in the  traffic courts, who is familiar with the judges and the troopers and local law enforcement.   An attorney who has shown proficiency in defense of those charged with drunk driving, by way of certifications obtained specifically related to that field.  A professional who not only knows the laws but the weaknesses that may exist when used as a foundation for a criminal prosecution.

Penalties for Driving Drunk in Virginia

First Offense:

  • Punishable by up to 1 year in Jail
  • Fines of up to $2,500
  • Suspension of driving Privileges for 1 year
  • Attending Alcohol Treatment Course
  • Installation of Interlock Ignition System for at least 6 months
  • A conviction will result in a permanent criminal record.
  • Mandatory jail time can apply due to elevated BrAC (BAC) or for a variety of other reasons.

Go here to learn about 2nd and 3rd offense penalties.

General Overview of a Chesapeake DWI

In that city, often the city police will be the arresting officers.  In addition, a prosecutor (also known as an Assistant Commonwealth Attorney) will be assigned to the case.

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I have hired John 4 times and had nothing but outstanding representation. I recommend him to anyone who needs a true lawyer.


I recently found myself in bad legal trouble. I picked up a “DUI and a wreckless driving all within two months. On the DUI my BAC was three times the legal limit and on my wreckless I was clocked doing...

C. J.

I had a DUI plus a Refusal… I thought I was getting locked up but John Naumovski came in with the clutch and never gave up on this case, he easy to talk to plus he made sure I understand what he was sayin bout this case…...

N. M.

Mr. Naumovski is VERY good at what he does.


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