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At Naumovski Law for our Newport News Clients, our focus is defending you against DUI charges with impeccable legal prowess and a dedicated passion. Understanding the severity of a DUI charge, we leverage our rich knowledge of local legal dynamics to dismantle the prosecution’s case effectively and mitigate the potential penalties linked to a DUI conviction. We offer steadfast assistance in a difficult time such as this while maintaining confidentiality and respect for your circumstances 24/7. We navigate around your unique story of your case, delving deep into every nuance that could serve as a defensive tactic. Our phone line (757) 630-9294 is always open for prospective clients who need legal help related to DUI Cases. Secure your right to a fair legal process with a Newport News DUI lawyer. We are the unflinching ally you need in a tough legal situation.

Definition of DUI

When facing a DUI charge in Virginia, it’s imperative to understand that you are confronting a serious legal matter that can drastically impact your life. This is why securing legal assistance such a Newport News DWI Attonrey from a seasoned law firm, that practices in the Courts in Newport News, Virginia, is undeniably vital. Our able firm is well-versed in the layers of Virginia law pertaining to DUI offenses, being thoroughly adept at navigating the intricate legal channels associated with these cases.

Virginia Code §18.2-266 defines impaired driving or DUI. The code stipulates that individuals are guilty of DUI if they operate any motor vehicle (including mopeds and watercraft) under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both. This means if the accused’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08% or higher, or their ability to operate a vehicle is impaired by the influence of drugs, they could face a DUI charge.
It is important to note, however, that a DUI charge is not an automatic conviction. Our seasoned attorneys are fully committed to helping defendants challenge their DUI accusations. With an understanding of the in-depth functions of the legal system, they strive diligently to help you protect your rights, refute the charges, and assuage potential impacts to your personal, professional, and social life.

Our firm is equipped with tools and resources and with knowledge of DUI defense that extends beyond basic understanding. Attorney Naumovski’s accumulated years of real-world experience and substantial understanding of the state’s DUI laws have helped us successfully represent numerous clients, demonstrating our proficiency in the field.
Every case presents unique challenges, but attorney Naumovski stands prepared to construct a staunch legal defense. Whether it’s your first-time offense or a repeated infraction, our Newport News law firm is built to stand strong in your corner. The firm’s main focus is representing DUI defendants – we’re here to assist you in maintaining the presumption of innocence and safeguarding your legal rights.

DUI Stops and Arrests

In Newport News, Virginia, a DUI stop can seem overwhelming but having a profound understanding of your rights during such a situation is key. Our law firm is committed to advising and defending individuals suspected of DUI. Typically, a DUI stop occurs when law enforcement observes a driving pattern indicative of intoxication or impairment, such as erratic driving or traffic violations. The police must have a reasonable suspicion of unlawful conduct to justify a stop, which is a critical factor in assessing the legalities surrounding your DUI case.

Once you’ve been stopped, an officer will seek signs of impairment through your physical appearance, your ability to communicate, and your overall behavior. Any sign of intoxication may justify a field sobriety test. Refusal to participate, though within your rights, can lead to immediate license suspension under the implied consent laws of Virginia. If you fail the field sobriety test or a breathalyzer test, the officer must have probable cause to make an arrest.

Understanding the complexities of DUI laws and navigating the legal process can be a challenging task. Our team of legal professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive representation and defense for individuals faced with DUI charges. We dissect every aspect of your case, from the reason you were initially stopped to the circumstances surrounding your arrest, to ensure your rights are upheld during each step of the process.
By choosing our firm, you can trust in our commitment to defending your case. Our focus is to ultimately reach a resolution on your behalf by challenging the legality of the DUI stop and arrest based on defined legal standards. Please get in touch with your Newport News DUI Attorney to discuss your case. We’re here to provide legal assistance during this stressful time.

DUI Testing

Dealing with a DUI charge can be a complex and disconcerting process, one which our firm passionately navigates alongside you. Our Newport News-focused law firm is highly experienced in pursuing DUI defenses, and we commit to thoroughly addressing every aspect of the DUI process, including understanding DUI testing, field sobriety tests, and chemical tests.

⦁ Field Sobriety Tests: These tests assess your physical and cognitive impairment. Common tests include:
⦁ The One-Leg Stand: This is a balance test where the officer asks you to stand with one foot off the ground and count aloud until told to stop.
⦁ The Walk and Turn: In this test, officers observe as you take nine steps, heel-to-toe, along a straight line, then turn on one foot and return the same way.
⦁ The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus: The officer watches your eye movements as you track a slowly moving object such as a pen, looking for involuntary jerking of the eyes.

⦁ Chemical Tests: These can potentially indicate your blood-alcohol content level at the time of testing, with common methods being:
⦁ Breath Tests: This involves blowing into a Breathalyzer or similar device that measures your blood-alcohol concentration.
⦁ Blood Tests: Sometimes, a sample of your blood may be drawn and analyzed at a lab for its alcohol content.

Our knowledge and comprehension of these tests’ limitations and potential flaws can provide strong building blocks for your defense. Trust in our adept hands to guide you through this challenging time, ensuring you feel empowered and informed at every step of the process.

Defenses to DUI by a Newport News DWI Lawyer

When facing a DUI charge in Newport News, Virginia, having a skilled and seasoned law firm by your side can significantly transform your situation. Our dedicated team stands ready to navigate the intricacies of your case. Understand that a DUI charge is not necessarily equivalent to a conviction. Several successful defenses can be used to contest the charges, such as:
⦁ Lack of Reasonable Suspicion for Stop: This implies that the law enforcement officer did not have a valid reason to pull you over. Our team can scrutinize the events leading to your stop, searching for any violation of your rights which could result in the dismissal of your case.
⦁ Lack of Probable Cause for Arrest: If the police cannot prove a compelling cause to believe you were operating under the influence, then your arrest may lack legality. We are determined to challenge shaky probable cause claims.
⦁ Mistakes in Conducting Tests: Errors or inconsistencies in sobriety tests can create significant doubt about your alleged guilt. Our team is meticulous in examining the procedures and results of your sobriety tests, striving to unveil discrepancies or officer bias.
⦁ Alternative Explanations for Physical Indications of Intoxication: Signs of intoxication like bloodshot eyes, slurred speech or unsteady gait could be attributed to allergies, fatigue or illness. We are relentless in our pursuit to unearth any proof that could attribute your purported symptoms to factors other than intoxication.

Our diligent lawyers are primed to defend your rights and ensure your case receives the care and attention it deserves. Remember, you’re not alone in this process.

DUI Penalties

If you are facing charges related to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Newport News, Virginia, it’s crucial to entrust your defense to a seasoned law firm that comprehends not only the intricacies of the legal system but one that remains dedicated to safeguarding your rights and shielding you from the harshest penalties. As a Newport News DUI Lawyer, you can expect a stalwart defense of your case, focusing on avoiding conviction or mitigating the severity of your penalties.

Under Virginia law, individuals charged with their first DUI offense can be fined between $250 and $2,500, face up to one year in jail, andencounter a one-year driver’s license suspension. Penalties escalate for subsequent offenses, with increased fines, longer jail sentences, and more extended license suspensions. Certain factors, such as higher blood alcohol content levels or minor passengers at the time of the offense, may also trigger increased penalties.

As a law firm committed to the defense of DUI defendants, we aim to unravel the complex narrative against you, question the evidence at hand, and present compelling arguments in your favor. Our focus on Virginia’s DUI laws and commitment to the highest standards of advocacy will ensure a robust and well-crafted defense strategy dedicated to your cause. Your rights, freedom, and future are paramount concerns to us, and we believe that everyone deserves an energetic and dedicated defense. When your future stakes are high, it is important not to take chances and trust your defense to an experienced, reliable attorney who understands the intricacies of Virginia’s DUI laws. Our law firm is here to offer you that defense.

Let A Newport News DWI Attorney Help You Fight Your Charges

If you’re battling DUI charges in Newport News, Virginia, securing the assistance of an experienced law firm is paramount. Our exceptional, seasoned firm is adept at unraveling the complexities of your case, answering any questions you may have, and diligently working towards the best possible outcomes. We are relentless in our pursuit of justice and committed to providing the most comprehensive defense strategies for our clients. Recognizing that each DUI case is unique, we meticulously assess all the evidence, ensuring that no significant detail is overlooked. Our aim is to refute the prosecution’s claim, protect your rights, and maintain your reputation. We are not just representing you legally, but we are also committed to reducing your stress during these daunting times. Don’t face your DUI charges alone; let us stand with you in this battle and fight for your rights. We’re here for you, and you can count on us.

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I had a DUI plus a Refusal… I thought I was getting locked up but John Naumovski came in with the clutch and never gave up on this case, he easy to talk to plus he made sure I understand what he was sayin bout this case…...

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Mr. Naumovski is VERY good at what he does.


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